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Roboticlever's offer

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we are specialized in opening new markets and we put our commercial experience at the service of startups and companies for the development of the market.

We are specialized in:

  • go-to-market strategies

  • business development 

  • creation and management of the sales force

  • export development


Healthcare Facilities and Territory

Roboticlever supports healthcare facilities in the design, development and implementation of new services with a focus on technological integration.

The main fields of application are:

  • robotics and new technologies

  • development and implementation of local and home services (PNRR Salute)

  • prevention and citizen well-being

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The Roboticlever team offers solutions and services with 360-degree multidisciplinary support, including:

  • facilitated taxation

  • training

  • strategic marketing

  • organization of courses

  • ing. clinic

  • HTA


M&A and support for INVESTORS

Roboticlever operates internationally, distinguishing itself and making itself appreciated for its technical skills in the medical field, becoming a reference point for investors.

Thanks to structured collaborations with reference firms, Roboticlever consultancy covers:

  • M&A strategy

  • commercial, tax and legal due diligence

  • investor advisoring

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