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Roboticlever supports healthcare facilities in the development of new clinical services, made possible thanks to the best technologies


Exclusive Distribution in Italy

U&O, the Italian manufacturer of the UAN.GO exoskeleton, chose Roboticlever as exclusive distributor for Italy


  • is a robotic aid for gait rehabilitation, innovative, effective, intuitive and easy to use, able to offer stability and a new generation kinematics

  • enhances the rehabilitation experience due to its distinctive features

  • is a medical device designed for clinical and home environments

U.CONNECT  is a simple, intuitive and functional communication interface that allows you to consult and manage the usage data of the UAN.GO device.

U.Connect displays travel times, distances, speeds and methods of use of the device. The data is securely saved on a dashboard that also allows for the automatic generation of clinical reports.

Through U.Connect you can track and monitor patient progress, store all session data in one place, control, set up and customize future sessions for your patient's individual needs. This application also allows access to an online resource library.

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Evolv Rehabilitation Technologies has chosen Roboticlever as the exclusive distributor for Italy!

Virtual Reality for total body and hand rehabilitation.

Assessments, Exercises and Exergames: Each module features content that can be easily customized to patients' disability level via our intuitive therapy management software.

The system can be configured according to rehabilitation needs:

  • EvolvRehab Body: therapy of the upper and lower limbs for various neuromotor disorders

  • EvolvRehab Hands: fine hand motor skills training through play

  • Fall Prevention: Evolv fall prevention program that increases endurance, muscle strength and improves balance and gait

  • MALT: combined language and motor training (Motor Assisted Language Training). Specific clinical protocols that combine cognitive and motor rehabilitation

Business Development Consulting

Articares’ solutions are distributed in Italy by Europe Service, partners with Roboticlever for consultancy and strategic support in market development

H-MAN is the first truly portable and clinically validated arm rehabilitation device, compatible in both professional and home clinical settings:

  • continuum of rehabilitation

  • improvement of productivity

  • portable and compact

  • modular design with accessories for specific patient needs

  • Plug and Play

  • personalized therapies

  • engaging games

CARE PLATFORM, designed based on the input and feedback of therapists and patients, it is the Articares software platform that centrally connects all your devices, offering easy management, progress monitoring and detailed reporting:

  • intuitive and easy to use

  • adaptive training algorithm

  • training planner

  • games library

  • training feedback reporting

  • remote monitoring

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AKUIS, Italian manufacturer of the SINTESI robotic digital gym, avails itself of Roboticlever's consultancy for commercial development in the medical and wellness field


  • is the digital gym designed and built entirely in Italy, which allows to perform a complete workout in just two square meters of space

  • The minimal design of Sintesi makes this smart gym perfect in any context

  • The operation of Sintesi is based on the Dynamic Vectoring patent, which allows to support the natural movements of the human body, electronically adapting the innovative smart gym to each type of exercise.

  • is able to simulate different types of load: constant, viscous, elastic, eccentric, isometric, magnetic, vibrating, isokinetic, random and thus propose an innovative training format that can be used both in sports and rehabilitation

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